Hello North Carolinian readers,


If you are of voting age (18+) and want to have a voice, go to poll and make that voice heard!  Dr. Gregory Brannon is a Constitutional conservative-Republican and is running for U.S. Senate.  Voting at every level is important, and it all starts with the primary. “Youth back Brannon” is the campaign’s slogan and it is the truth.  Brannon is a devoted father of 7 children, husband of 26 years, and a doctor.  he believes in the principles on which out great nation was built, which include: free markets, limited government, and individual liberty! Brannon believes in the youth and the American people. We need people like Greg Brannon in our government to represent and listen to those of us who still believe in the American Dream and keeping it alive for my generation and those to come. Visit the link above (his official website), get Involved, find a poll near you, and vote to put our beautiful nation back in uphill direction! VOTE FOR GREG BRANNON TODAY! 🙂



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