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Insomnia or…

I was saving my first post to be about me, or something that encompassed a general overview of me and my blog.  However, it is 4:46 a.m. EST and here I am- WIDE AWAKE! I was scrolling on Facebook and figured, “what better way to start off my blog than writing about something that is typically me? -INSOMNIA”.  Okay, it’s not diagnosed, but if it has classic check material like Burberry, has perfect perpendicularly interesting lines like Burberry, and is from Neiman’s, IT’S A BURBERRY! Anyways, I’m Judy and I have  sociology final exam at 7a.m…yes, i have a final in less than three hours and I am blogging!  The best thing about my undesirable sleep patterns is that they do not do as much harm as they should.  I am definitely not complaining about it either.  I actually cannot sleep for more than 3 to 5 consecutive hours.  In the rare even that I do, the exact opposite of what should happen happens in consequence; I wake up in physical pain, groggy, tired, and highly irritable.  Thus, I have to take a cat-nap to reverse those effects. Weird, I know! You will come to see that ‘normal’ is not my exactly my forte, but my appearance and demeanor say otherwise.  As with people who know me in real life, you will soon find out that spontaneity, sporadicity (noun form of sporadic), and ubiquity are definitely my cups of hot cocoa (I prefer hot cocoa over tea-sorry).  In case you did not see what I did there, I just gave insight into my thought train.  This was supposed to be about insomnia, but somehow, Burberry and hot cocoa shimmied their ways into this.  Well, the birds are chirping, I will be driving to my exam in two hours, and my melatonin has picked the optimal time of inconvenience to increase.  Welcome to my world, I hope you enjoy my future posts; those of which will be relatively more focused and ‘objective’ in subject and matter (for the most part at least).  Good Night…and Morning? XOXO