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Cats, Chicks, and Pricks


During an episode of insomnia at about 2 a.m., I made this interesting connection while enduring another failed attempt at showing affection towards my roommate’s cat.   The question arose: why is it that I insist on showing this cat so much affection and attention when she clearly does not want to be bothered with any of it?  Furthermore, why do I feel obligated to show her that I am worthy of redamancy?  Nothing concerning cats should get this analytic, but that is what I am best at-over analyzing.  Anyway, it dawned on me that this is exactly what happens in relationships (or things of the sort).  Just about every female has gone through (or is going through) a phase where guys that appear to not want us or show explicit interest is our ‘type’.  We are more drawn to resistance.  When something is attractive (or adorable) enough, we latch on to that drop of hope with blind optimism. It is a FACT that almost every girl has joined the cat culture.  We do like dogs, but what is it about cats that makes us self-proclaimed “Cat Ladies in Training”?  We watch all of these cat vines/videos, re-blog/share/re-tweet memes of cats, and post about something our cats have done.  We can all agree that cats are top-notch assholes!  There are some cats that are friendly and personable, but they always go back to their natural state of being a prick at some point. Do we get some sort of inexplicable exhilaration from subtle rejection? Is it the possibility of eventual acceptance that allows us to initiate a quick cuddle or hug with a cat just minutes after it has scratched us?  Do most girls who love cats compensate for a toxic relationship with a guy by acquiring one that is morally embraced and smoke-screened by fur and purrs?  We joke about cats being better than guys, but the only main difference (aside from the whole taxonomic thing) is that we can overpower cats and make them cuddle with us and show [falsely] returned affection by simply cradling them more with added strength. Let’s be honest! We see similar patterns in behavior; I show affection, the cat shows affection for 3 seconds and then it starts pushing me away, I try proving to the cat that I am a great human and deserve redamancy, the cat resists some more, I let it go and say ‘fine, whatever!’, ignore the cat, cat shows affection, I give in, then rinse and repeat.  In graduating high school, I graduated from my unconscious inclination for attractive pricks who did not care about me as much as I wanted to believe or as much as I cared for them.  Going through that phase of toxic guys makes you appreciate the simple things when they a good guy comes thereafter.  Things like “thank you” and “how are you” go a long way now.  I have always appreciated people being nice to me, since I am “overly nice”, but now it has been reinforced.  Although I found the pinch of heaven sprinkled in hell, I have still transformed that “phase” into my adoration of cats.  Could it be that since I am embraced by everyone in every other aspect of life, that simple rejections from a cat keeps me balanced and down to earth?  More importantly, why am I able to create such complex thoughts from such a simple organism?…maybe they are just fluffy and girls just want to hug that fluffiness forever. Maybe we just need to enjoy simplicity.